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Things in Fiji Which Attracts You

Things in Fiji Which Attracts You

There are quite a number of things in Fiji which will truly attract you and provide you with unforgettable experience. Fiji is blessed with a lot of attractions sites which are frequented by many tourists throughout the year Majority of them have even made numerous visits because of the exciting things and attractions that Fiji offers to visitors.

These things which attract you in Fiji include:


The sigatonga sand dunes

  • These sand dunes are near a village known as Kulukululu in Fiji and are rank as one of the most wonderful sights in Fiji. Sigatonga sand dunes hug the coastline for several kilometers and its soft sand is fine as flour. It is important to note that some of these sand dunes have been planted with the green vegetation so as to resist erosion and others which are located close to the roadside have been stripped of their sand to be used as building materials.
  • Interesting thing about these sand dunes is that there are no real tracks or trails on the dunes which makes it difficult to hike up. In case you feel so hot you can go to the beach which is near in order to reduce the heat. These sand dunes are really one of the things that will attract you in Fiji and you should not miss an opportunity to see these great sand dunes.

Natadola beach

  • This is one of the best beach in Fiji. While in this beach you can participate in surfing as you enjoy the pleasant climate of this great beach. Swimmers in this beach are however advised to be very careful while swimming because large waves on this beach sometimes break. This is good for body surfing but at the same time dangerous if one is not a good swimmer. Snorkeling and hunting for the shells here is quite excellent and you can still camp here.
  • You can access this beach by public transport right from Nadi to the beach. However, you can still hike for 3 km from Queens’s road to the beach if you don’t want to use public transport.

Tavuni Hill fort

  • It is located on a bluff which overlooks Sigatoka River. It is a national archeological site and was once a site of the fortified village. The area has actually been cleared and landscaped in order to ensure that the ruins are viewed easily. Before you enter this great fort, take time to visit a small museum which is worth seeing. In this museum you will have a chance to see a display of lovo (underground oven) where humans used to be cooked. Human bones were later found in the oven when the land was reclaimed.
  • While in this fort you can as well hire a guide to give you more information about the fort remains. The guide will point out remnants of the fifty structures such as lookout tower, home foundations, temple, and fortress walls and chiefs bure. This fort is really one thing that will attract you in Fiji.


Kula Eco Park

  • This roadside attraction in Fiji provides you with a glimpse of the Fijis natural world. There is no any other wonderful site like this in Fiji and normally wins several awards for excellence in Fiji. Kula Eco Park has many exhibits right from the dead insects to the live species of indigenous birds in a zoo. Apart from that there is also an aquarium which features the live coral along with the snails, hermit crabs, fish and other creatures which simulate the reef system.
  • Besides that there are also a variety of the indigenous fauna like owls, parrots, snakes, turtles, frogs and bats. This park serves as the breeding zoo for some of the endangered species like banded iguana and also as educational toll for the youths of Fiji. This is actually one of the things that attracts one to Fiji and most people frequent this place on several occasions.

Fiji is blessed with a lot of attractions and you should never miss out an opportunity to see for yourself these great attractions in Fiji.



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