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Simple Exercises That Change Your Body Physic

Simple Exercises That Change Your Body Physic

Exercising gives good physical condition and mental pleasure, so no matter how busy you are create some time for exercise so that your body can be fit. However 10-15 minutes of exercise performed 3-4 times a week will improve your physical appearance, a number of exercise can be done in the morning and no special equipment are required, you don’t have to look for someone to train you on how to exercise. The way you feel about you figure, body and the way you look has effect on your weight loss victory. If you don’t appreciate and love your body you will never achieve what you want from your body appearance.

Tips on Getting the Perfect Body Shape

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Aerobics step:

This exercise is the quickest way to achieve a perfect body and lose weight.

Exercise sit ups:

It can be done at least for three minutes or more and do it regularly. Exercise make you stay active during day activities and gives a good sleep. It keeps the stress away, depression and mental problems

-The bicycle exercise or the rectos abdominal exercise: cycling help a lot in exercising and making someone be fit and look attractive.

Ball exercise:

This exercise requires a ball only and it can be fun. It help you achieve a flatter stomach that makes people give you a lot of attention especially ladies. Nice body improves self-esteem and gives people courage to face the challenges they are facing in their life.


This exercise use all the muscles in the body so all parts with joint problems recover from this exercise that is gravity free because it does not put a strain on the joints. Research shows that swimming burns six hundred calories per hour thus making have a perfect body figure.

Running or jogging:

You don’t have to go to the gym so that you can get a perfect body and burn calories regular jogging from any place helps in burning a lot of calories.

Cleaning a house and gardening: pulling out weeds, planting, tidying up your home and multitasking in house chores can burn calories.

Body weight training:

It can be done for 30 minutes a day and thrice a week, you can burn fat comfortably with body weight training. Having a good body and shedding some extra fat from your body keeps away deadly diseases such diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, heart attack and many other diseases thus increasing human life span.


Having fun with friends while dancing is good way to lose weight and tones the whole body. -Kick boxing: it gives a perfect body figure and helps you lose weight.

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